The Log-On JS450 Dash Camera is a Dual Channel Dash Camera System with Full HD 1080p Front Camera, and HD 720p Rear Camera, with Ultra-Wide Video Recording capabilities on both video channels, and a built-in Hardwire Kit for Parking Surveillance.

This dash camera comes packed with Log On’s best features and more, such as a SONY Exmor Image Sensor that captures 1080p Full HD video at 30 frames per second! The External Smart 

GPS captures speed and location with high accuracy. 

The built-in WiFi on the Dash Cam, along with the use of Logon’s Smart Phone App, allows users 

a quick setup and simply playback!

This camera setup comes with a 32GB MicroSD Card, which is good for 5 Hours Front & Rear Recording on maximum quality. You can either record at a lower resolution to allow for more 

hours of footage, or alternatively purchase a 128GB MicroSD Card to increase from 5 Hours to 

about 18 Hours.

Product Features:

• Dual Channel System for Front & Rear Camera

• Sony EXMOR Image Sensor

• 140° Ultra Wide Camera Angle

• Built-in Hardwire Kit for Parking Surveillance

• Configurable Power Cut-Off for Low Voltage Protection

(prevents your battery going flat due to the Dash Cam)

• Temperature Sensing Cut-Off for High-Temperature Protection

• Quick Boot (fully booted within 10 seconds)

• Up to 128GB MicroSD Card Supported (comes with 32GB)

• Discrete Installation with Compact Design

• Built in Wi-Fi b/g/n

• Built-in G-Sensor

• High Performance Microphone for recording audio and video simultaneously

• Exclusive App for Viewing and Configuration

• Firmware Updates by Wi-Fi

• Motion Sensing (Front & Rear)

• Working Log Report (Error Monitoring)

• Smart Format Free File System

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